Dedicated to Your Child

Diane's Day Care is entirely committed to fostering healthy growth in children while doing all the little things to support parents’ often busy lifestyles. Diane takes maintains this commitment on a deeply personal level, but she’d prefer to let you learn more about it through the words of parents just like you. Please read on to get a feel for what you can expect from your experience at Diane's Day Care.


Parent Review

Diane has been one of the most important and positive people in my daughter’s first 3 years of life; she has become like family to us. As first time parents, my husband and I had a very hard time leaving our 6 month old with anyone else when I returned to work. We chose Diane because she has such an instinctive way of nurturing and understanding babies and young children; it is clear that she truly loves the children at her daycare. That first day, Diane sent multiple photos and texts letting us know how well my daughter was doing. She also was the only person to get my daughter to take a bottle and remains the only person who can get her to eat at every meal. Diane has taught us so many things about parenting a baby and toddler. She is a gift to any child or family who benefits from her service and love. She takes the kids outside as often as possible, prepares homemade meals daily, is in constant communication with parents, and even buys gifts for the kids at birthdays and holidays. She is dedicated, selfless and extremely dependable. We are in mourning that our child has aged out of her program. Diane’s Daycare surpassed every one of our very high expectations. I recommend her program above all others.

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